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[Dlna windows 10

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Dlna windows 10

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But now you must be wondering how does one connect their PC to TV to enjoy streaming moves or songs? It enables you to share digital media between multimedia devices. DLNA is quite useful as it allows you to share media collection stored at one place with various devices with just one click. DLNA is also compatible with smartphones and can be used to stream content on HDTV which means if you have some cool or entertaining content on your smartphones and you want to watch it on a big screen, then you can do so by using DLNA server.

Here your smartphone will act as the remote control. DLNA works with cables, satellites, and telecom so that they can ensure data protection on each end, i.

DLNA can be used to share videos, pictures, images, movies, etc. Make sure to create a restore point just in case something goes wrong. Type control panel in the Windows search bar then click on Control Panel from the search result. Click on Network and Internet option. Under Change sharing options, click on the downwards arrow next to All Network. A new dialog box will appear, click on Turn on Media Streaming button.

The first option is to enter a custom name for your media library so that you can easily identify it whenever you want to access its content. Second option is to whether to show the devices on Local network or All network.

By default, it is set to Local network. Last option is where you will see a list of DLNA enabled devices which shows which devices are currently allowed access to your media content. Name your network multimedia library and choose devices which will be able to read it. Next, you will be able to edit your power plan settings, make sure to change the sleep timing accordingly. Finally, to save changes click on the Save changes button. Go back and click on the OK button available at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have completed the steps the DLNA server is now enabled and your account libraries Music, Pictures, and Videos will automatically be shared to any streaming devices to which you have given access to. And if you have chosen All networks then your multimedia data will be visible to all the devices. If you want to disable DLNA server then you can do so by following steps below:. Type the below command in the Run box and hit Enter:. This will open the Services window as shown in the below image.

Double-click on it and the below dialog box will appear. Set the Startup type as Manual by choosing Manual option from the dropdown menu. Click on the Stop button to stop the service. Click Apply followed by OK to save changes. After completing the above steps, your DLNA server which was earlier enabled will be disabled successfully and no other device will be able to access your PC multimedia content.

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How to Turn Your Computer Into a DLNA Media Server


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Dlna windows 10

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Dlna windows 10.DLNA in Windows 10


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