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Great Secrets: Da Vinci Free | .Download game the da vinci code pc for free (Windows)

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You have been warned. The puzzles range from physical puzzles to cracking and decoding lengthy secret messages. There are anagrams galore, secret code letter substitutions, logic puzzles, invisible messages, and a host of brain teasers. In some cases, items that you acquire are instrumental in unlocking or opening objects or locations.

Many of the cipher codes have historical connections. This brings a certain authenticity to the game overall. Another aspect of the title is its deep references to historical events and places.

You will, no doubt, come out better educated about the Louvre in Paris, Saint-Sulpice, Westminster Abby and other points of interest. The game menu provides a synopsis on various period art, historical references, items and people. You will come out of this game feeling and sounding smarter. Not a bad after effect for playing a video game. The action part of the game is a simple fighting system in which the characters grapple, as in wrestling, with their enemies. If you are dominant in the grapple, you will have the option to defend, attack or run.

If the attack mode is chosen, a series of random button symbols will be displayed at the bottom of the attack screen. For instance, in an example of fighting mode, you may see the button symbols x, triangle, circle, and square. Hit the buttons in the correct order and you will inflict maximum damage upon your adversary. The number of attacks varies and depends on the strength of your enemy.

In other cases, it is best to avoid trouble by sneaking by in stealth mode. Langdon can also pick up various objects with which to fight. Although some critics praised the game’s fidelity to its source material, the majority criticized the graphics and basic gameplay, particularly the melee combat, arguing it failed as both an adventure game and a puzzle game.

The game was also a commercial failure. The aim of the game, as with both the book and the film, is to locate the Holy Grail. To achieve this goal, the player must gather clues, solve puzzles, and successfully evade or defeat enemies.

Players control both Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu. Who the player controls during any given level is pre-determined; the player has no choice as to which character to use at any given time in the game. The differences between the two characters are purely for narrative purposes; in terms of gameplay, both characters have the same speed, strength and abilities, can use the same items, and share an inventory.

The majority of the gameplay involves one of three aspects; searching, melee combat and puzzles. When searching locations, the player moves the characters around in a 3D environment viewed from a third-person perspective. When an object or location which can be examined more closely is found, the game switches to first-person mode, and the player can investigate in more detail.

Melee combat is split into two phases. In the first phase, the player approaches an enemy and attempts to punch them, as with most beat ‘em up games. If the player successfully hits the enemy, the game enters attack mode.

If the player misses and is instead attacked themselves, the game enters defense mode. Both modes are identical insofar as the player must enter a sequence of button presses before the timer runs out. If they do so correctly, they will successfully attack or block the enemy. Genre action puzzle. Platform PC. Comments There are no comments.

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Download Great Secrets: Da Vinci today! Get full licensed game for PC. Fast, safe & secure. May 15,  · The Da Vinci Code is a game based on Dan Brown’s best-selling novel & Ron Howard’s film. A strange murder at Paris’ museum, the Louvre, leads two investigators to a great secret hidden in the paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci. Explore massive conspiracies and shadowy groups — while solving mysteries and puzzles that go beyond anything you have /5(28). Lost Treasures of Da Vinci Free Downloads for PC. Join Professor Jack Foster in his worldwide adventure to search for the lost treasures of Da Vinci! Search. Search. Android Games; Games Similar to Lost Treasures of Da Vinci. Storm Tale. Rating Around the World in 80 Days. Rating MatchVentures. Rating 4 Elements 2 /5(11).


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