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.Is 4 GB of RAM Enough for Windows 11?

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.Minimum RAM for Windows 10 | For Gaming, Streaming or Work

› Innovation › Hardware. 4GB RAM. If you’re running a bit operating system with 4GB of RAM installed, you’ll only be able to access around GB.


.How much RAM does your Windows 10 PC need? | ZDNET


If you’re running a bit operating system with 4GB of RAM installed, you’ll only be able to access around 3. However, with a bit operating system, you’ll have full access to the whole 4GB. Even on a bit system that limits the RAM to a little over 3GB, the performance boost is well worth the cost.

Not only do applications run faster, but you can also run more applications simultaneously, which comes in handy if you run suites like Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative Cloud. Now we’re into performance territory. If you’re buying or building a machine dedicated to photo or HD video editing and rendering, or just want a fast system, then 8GB of RAM is the minimum you should consider to avoid frustration. The time when more than 8GB of RAM becomes useful and starts paying for itself is when you’re running several resource-heavy applications simultaneously — especially image or video processing even 4K video , CAD, or 3D modeling.

Having more than 8GB also comes in handy if you make extensive use of virtualization tools such as Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware Workstation, especially if you run multiple virtual machines simultaneously.

You’re now deep in the realm of heavy lifting. This is the sort of system that will be able to run multiple resource-heavy applications or virtual machines simultaneously.

Bear in mind that how much RAM your system supports, along with the type and speed, will depend on your motherboard. When you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Our process. Check These System Requirements. We really can’t imagine this being even remotely usable with less than 4 GB of RAM, as booting the computer from cold results in 3 GB out of 4 being already occupied by system processes, without even needing you to open anything.

With whatever’s left, you can open Chrome, do some light browsing, or maybe send some emails or write a document. But that’s about it. Chrome, for one, can gobble up 2 GB by itself when you start loading up multiple tabs. So you want to add at least 4 GB more in order to actually be able to have some programs open in the background.

But at least you will be able to open programs, browse the web, get stuff done, and do a little bit of multitasking without bogging down your whole computer. It allows you to open up Chrome and several programs at the same time, and you’ll probably struggle to get usage very high, at least at first.

Be sure to check out this post on how much RAM you really need in your computer to learn more. If you’re on a laptop, it’s probably a good idea to either look on the internet to see if your RAM is upgradeable, or pop the back of your laptop and check yourself. If that’s not an option for you, you can either take the Windows 11 update at your own risk, or stay on Windows 10 which is probably struggling just as badly with RAM, to be fair.

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