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Manage display language settings in Windows – Microsoft Support.

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How to Add, Remove and Change Language in Windows 10

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Oct 26,  · Replied on September 16, Is it Windows 10 Home Single Language, if so it is a restriction in your region and the display language cannot be changed. Can you also verify your version and build. Type winver in Search and select the top result, post back a . Jul 25,  · First of all, you need to be running Windows 10 Pro in order to change languages. This is false Andre. Any edition of Windows 10 can change the display language with the exception of the explicit Single Language edition from emerging markets. Please . Dec 11,  · Windows 10 Single Language Change Language. Windows 10 single language is basically Windows home version, but with only one system language. It is usually pre-installed in some Windows laptops, and the users cannot add or change UI display language as Pro version users do. The best solution for Single Language Windows 10 is to upgrade to Pro.

– Manage display language settings in Windows


However, to change the Windows display language, you first need the corresponding Windows 10 language pack. At the time this guide is written, Microsoft offers around two hundred Windows 10 language packs that you can download and use, as long as you have a valid license for the operating system. This tutorial illustrates how to change language on Windows 10 from English to Spanish, but you can follow the same steps to change the Windows 10 language to another.

To find out which version and edition of Windows 10 you have installed, read How to check the Windows 10 version, OS build, edition, or type. When you install Windows 10 on your computer or deviceyou have the option to set its default language. In that case, you first need to install a language pack in Windows 10 for the language you want to use. It might sound complicated, but the Windows 10 language settings allow you to complete the Windows 10 language pack download and change the Windows language at the same time.

To begin, open the Settings app. The Windows 10 language settings are shown on the right. Any installed Windows 10 language packs are displayed display language windows 10 change free download Preferred languages. Use the Windows 10 language Settings to add a language to Windows This opens a window with all the available Windows 10 languages. You can use the search box at the top or scroll down the alphabetical list to find the Windows 10 language pack you want.

You can change language in Windows 10 to most of the available options. The fastest way is usually to type the name of the language you need – in our case, Spanish. For some languages, there are more versions available, so you might have to choose the one specific to your region or country. There can be up display language windows 10 change free download four symbols next to every available language entry:.

In Windows 10, change language to one that includes the features you want. While those entries are not viable options for this guide, you can use them to add a new keyboard input language. After reviewing all the available options, click or tap on the Windows 10 language pack you want to use. Then, press Next display language windows 10 change free download the button on the lower-left corner display language windows 10 change free download the pop-up.

Display language windows 10 change free download, you can also set it display language windows 10 change free download, as shown in the next chapter.

Next, select any other language features you want. Keep in mind that Windows 10 language packs, as well as their optional features, take up space on your hard drive and can end up affecting the overall system performance. When you are done checking the options you require, click or tap on the Install button in the lower-left corner.

You are returned to the Windows 10 language settings screen, where you can follow the Windows 10 language pack download.

When the language pack finishes downloading, the selected language is added to the list of languages you can use in Windows There are two possible scenarios to change the Windows language. However, display language windows 10 change free download are only required to install new Windows 10 language packs once.

Это nokia 909 windows 10 free download вариант can now choose between the Windows 10 language packs already installed on your computer or device. How to change language on Windows 10 when you have the language pack. As soon as you select the language you want, you get the same blue pop-up asking you to sign out.

When you sign back in with the same user accountthe operating system is displayed in the Windows 10 language you chose. However, the sign-in screen, as well as new user accounts, still use the previous language.

After changing the Windows display language to the one you prefer, you can easily translate the Windows sign-in screen into your local language.

When you change the Windows language, it also becomes the default for Windows 10 display language windows 10 change free download and any websites you visit in Microsoft Edge and other web browsers. However, you can have your operating system use one display language and your apps and websites another. Open the Windows 10 Language Settings once more, and, under Preferred languagesfind the name of the language you want to use for apps and websites.

Clicking or tapping on any entry reveals two arrows. Use them to move the preferred language for websites and apps to the top of the list and arrange the other language entries.

If the first language is not supported, the second one is used, and so on, which is helpful for those working with multiple languages in Windows When you are done страница everything in your preferred order, close the Settings app. From now on, Windows 10 uses a different display language than your Microsoft Store apps and the websites you visit. Unfortunately, if your language uses special characters, you can encounter display language windows 10 change free download in some apps.

For instance, media players might not be able to use all the characters of your local language, displaying song titles or subtitles incorrectly, which can be annoying. To fix this type of issue, read our tutorial on setting the language of non-Unicode programs in Windows. After installing the desired Windows 10 language pack syou can change the Windows language with just a few clicks or taps. Did you find the Windows language pack s you wanted?

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Learn more in our cookie policy. Search search input. Quick Нажмите для продолжения How to install a Windows 10 language pack:.

Find the Windows 10 language pack you want, select it, and press Next. Check the optional features you want, and click or tap Install. Wait for the selected Windows 10 language pack to install. Related articles How to change the Google Assistant language on Android. Change the display language on your Mac from English to another language.

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– Install a language for Windows


Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. By submitting your email, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Windows 10 supports changing the default language. You no longer need to be concerned about the default language when you buy a computer — if you prefer to use a different language, you can change it at any time. This is particularly useful for environments where multiple users access a single computer and those users prefer different languages.

You can download and install additional languages for Windows 10 to view menus, dialog boxes, and other user interface items in your preferred language.

First, sign in to Windows 10 using an administrative account. The languages are listed in alphabetical order according to the default Windows language. Click on the language you want to start downloading. If you want to change the language of another user account, sign in to that account first. You can set a different language for each user account. Applying a language pack to a user account may not necessarily change the Windows default system language used in Welcome, Sign In, Sign Out, Shutdown screens, Start menu section titles, and the built-in Administrator account.

If the computer only has one user account, its display language must have been changed from the default. The window that opens lets you copy the current language to the system account, which in turn will cause everything to show up in the language you choose.

You also have an option to set the current language as default for new users. Just make sure that the display language for the currently logged-in user is the one you want to use everywhere.

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