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MONSTER Guitar, a FREE VST Guitar for Making a MIDI-Mockup for Your Song.33 Best Free Guitar VST Plugins – Essential For Any Producer

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Top 50 Free Realistic Guitar VST Plugins With Sound Examples – Rock Guitar Universe.

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Again, what Lepou has been able to accomplish here is impressive to say the least. It has a bright switch, and knobs for crunch, overdrive, contour, bass, middle, high, power, and master.

Despite its basic user interface, it will still have a certain appeal to home recordists. Download: TSE Audio. This one is perhaps a little more on the nose, though, at least in terms of design. Even its design is quite close, with its three-knob setup — drive, filter, and volume.

It includes three amps labeled classic clean, classic drive, and modern drive. The classic clean is a lot like a Fender, the classic drive like a Marshall, and the modern drive somewhere between a Dual Rectifier and To me, the clean sounds excellent. The classic drive is surprisingly versatile, and with it you can get everything from classic rock crunch all the way to saturated lead tones. The modern drive is quite heavy as you would expect, even without cranking the drive to Download: Blue Cat Audio.

The TubeDriver is a tube amp emulation plugin for Windows and Mac and is quite basic in its design. Download: Nick Crow Lab. The Wagner Sharp is another tube guitar preamp emulation with low, high, drive, bass, mid, freq, treble, volume, quality, and power controls. And, to my ears, the Wagner Sharp does a good job of emulating a tube amp. There are some good tones coming out of this VST! But what about all those beautiful, vintage, clean, or partially crunchy tones?

Its controls are basic, with knobs for input, volume, feedback, and output, as well as switches for oversampling 2x, 4x, 8x , mode A or B , cab on or off , and stereo on or off. Download: Shattered Glass Audio. Now, these types of VSTs usually come with amp sims as well as effects, making them quite versatile. They have multiple amps, cabinets, rackmount units, and stomp boxes.

Effects suites can help you replicate that type of setup. This suite comes with 39 pedals, amps, cabinets, mics, and rack FX. No need to combine this with other standalone guitar VSTs. Download: IK Multimedia. Guitar Rig 6 Player is an amp sim and effects rack featuring amp and matching cabs, 13 effects, and 50 ready-to-use presets.

Again, lots of great, realistic sounds here. More than you would expect for free. Not just awesome dirty tones, but sparkly cleans too. Download: Native Instruments.

It comes with nine guitar amps, seven power amps, 12 speaker types with mic positioning, eight mic types, 30 rack effects, 30 stomp box effects, intelligent metronome, sophisticated audio player, tuner, live mode view, and advanced recorder.

Basically, more than enough to get you started. Download: Audified. The TSE X50 emulates a famous US guitar amp, but also comes with a pedal board with six effects, four rack effects, IR loader, preset manager, and more.

Free Amp 3 comes with seven amp types, seven EQs, six speakers, MIDI volume control, host sync and tap tempo for tremolo and delay, noise gate, two compressors, wah, drive pedal, chorus and filter, flanger, phase shifter, delay and reverb, and factory presets.

Ample Guitar uses modifier keys at the lower end of the MIDI keyboard range C0-C1 to use different guitar techniques like hammer-on and pull-off, palm mute, legato slide, and more. This allows you to chain together a guitar part that sounds natural, with many of the nuances of a proper recorded performance.

The three-fader mic mixer gives you a high degree of flexibility when dialing in a tone. Having onboard FX is also a huge plus, including stereo width and even a doubler. Pros: Lightweight, simple interface with a built-in filter, great for plucks Cons: Limited presets in the Lite version. The plugin comes with seven fully usable presets from the paid edition of Classic. Pros: Carefully recorded instruments, multiple instrument options, minimalist UI Cons: Very limited customizability within the plugin itself.

The London-based company offers some of the best orchestral libraries on the market, and their freely available LABS instruments also include several superb, unique guitars. We even previously collaborated with them on Overture , a titanic orchestral Line for Arcade. Each LABS instrument has its own concept or theme. You can select from a variety of articulation and performance settings that will change how the plugin translates your MIDI input, or enable strumming for a more natural sound.

If you need the sound of a Strat, pronto, this is one of the better free electric guitar VST plugins on the web. Cinematique Instruments put forward a more specific kind of guitar virtual instrument with Guitar Harmonics Essential.

As any guitar player will tell you, you can produce tones called flageolet notes on guitar — more popularly known as harmonics — by lightly placing your fingers on certain frets without actually pressing down on the strings.

Guitar harmonics are oftentimes used to create chiming effects and melodies. It will respond to your exact guitar and technique, as well as how you dial in your tone.

So, basically you just get the amp head unless you upgrade. Rather, it emulates a German high gain preamp. And, it honestly sounds great. I find this plugin to be highly flexible, and unlike some amps, it sounds good even at low gain settings.

A plugin that emulates the ever-popular Tube Screamer. So, the rest comes down to tone. The R47 will instantly add an edge to your tone, making it great for leads.

Play with the Filter knob to dial in other highly usable tones. Well, that depends on how you use it. You can use it to record a track from scratch, beef up a prerecorded track and even re-amping. Give it a try. Within a full mix, however, they seem to work great, so these amps are good where it counts.

You can use it with your favorite impulse responses too, so that means you can get just about any tones you want using the right configuration. Characteristically, it has a meaty, warm and throaty tone metalheads will love.

There is more customization here than you might expect, with settings for gain, EQ, volume, contour, presence, mix, depth and speed for chorus effects and a great deal more. Although you can get the plugin for free, the free version comes with occasional silence. Nick Crow Lab offers several free plugins that are worth highlighting here, so I will get into each. These are all great to have for rockers and those into heavier genres.

The TubeDriver, not surprisingly, is a tube amplifier emulator plugin. As you can imagine, this rackmount style unit can add that much-loved tube sound to your signal chain. If you want to use it as is for some light crunch, you certainly can! So, the only thing I need to comment on is how it sounds. Use it with your favorite impulses for best results. I think it sounds great. This is obviously another variation on the Eddie Van Halen style head.

As with the , with some tweaking, you can get this thing to sound great and as brutal as you want it to sound. Yet another tube preamp emulation plugin via Nick Crow. The Wagner Sharp honestly sounds a lot like the to my ears maybe with some slight throatiness , but why not experiment for yourself and see which you like best?

This plugin comes with a built-in guitar synth Guitsyn , seven amp types, seven EQs with compression controls, six speakers with bypass and adjustable mics, separate MIDI volume control, Hot Sync and Tap Tempo for tremolo and delay.

You also get three modulators tremolo, triangle and square , two compressors pre and post , wah, drive pedal seven overdrive types , chorus with filter, flanger, phase shifter, delay and reverb and factory presets. The SimulAnalog Guitar Suite is essentially like it sounds.

The distortion sounds authentic to my ears, and by that, I mean about as good as Boss pedals sound. The PS-1 and Univibe are highly usable and sound great. Everyone loves a vintage tweed amp, right? Fortunately, you can still find plugins like the ACE 50s 5W tweed amp head. As with the original Peavey Classic 50, the volume on this baby goes to 12 take that, Spinal Tap! If you need some classic tones, it might be worth adding to your arsenal. Capturing the ideal acoustic guitar sound can be a real challenge, since you typically need to use a sensitive mic, like a small diaphragm condenser or a series of sensitive mics, including a room mic just to capture the true, honest tone of the instrument.

Then, some producers will even record the plugged-in sound of the guitar, if available. Okay, but is it really that good?


14 Best Guitar VST Plugins (Free & Paid) in – Guitar Lobby.


We have created for you a rating of the Best 10 Guitar Amp Simulator VST Plugins as the most downloaded and according to the excellent reviews of musicians. Electrum is the all-in-one single-screen guitar solution. The last amplifier and pedalboard your guitar will ever need. It matches any guitar style or technique. Rhythm guitar or solo. From jazz to modern metal.

Achieve perfect sound for any electric guitar quickly and easily with all options available within a single window. Ergonomy means efficiency. Most even great sounding guitar software products on the market suffer from the lack of the mentioned above. Electrum has every option in one screen to provide you with the fastest way from your idea to the perfect sound. Perfect gain-staging and volume balance helps to get the most out of Electrum.

Make your guitar sound similar to the tracks that are already out there and you admire. Just load your favourite guitar performances into your track and loop-play them to analyze. Then analyze your guitar sound and let Electrum do the automatic match with incredible accuracy.

Any guitar, any style. Electrum provides five guitar amps of different levels of gain and distortion. They share common controls for quick and easy setup with no confusion. United Plugins analyzed the most profound amps on the market and created Electrum with these in mind. But they also added several perks, which let you create an amp that is truly yours.

Then it lets you add resonances and ambience. Are you into rock and metal? Distortion pedals give clarity to the low end and get you some further drive you need. Electrum provides 3 of them and these again share the common controls for perfect user experience and fast workflow. Until now you probably used the classic double-tracking techniques for most guitar parts. So you know how difficult and time consuming it is to record the same thing twice with exactly the same feel and timing.

Not anymore. Enable our doubler, record once and you are good to go. A great reverb is essential, especially for great guitar solos. Electrum provides the best of the best. They all feature all necessary controls including high and low damping, ducking for the clarity of the guitar performance and much more.

Your performance will never be out of tune unless you really want it. Strike all your strings at once to see which one is out of tune.

Or do it one by one with incredible accuracy. The Modulation section usually includes several stomp-boxes. United Plugins decided to merge them into one to let you blend unique effects. Chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, sweeper and any combination. How about a sweerus or trenger? Flexible double-tap delay with sync, modulation, saturation… What more would you expect from a guitar delay pedal? Long-time experience and the passion for the perfect tone helped us discover the magic guitar frequency X which will give your guitar tone something extra.

You need to hear that! Maybe it is impossible with hardware, but certainly not for Electrum! A lot of producers and professional guitarists were involved in creating the presets for Electrum. Not only you have the global presets that give you the perfect start but each section each effect can load and save its presets, too. Everything for a great workflow, so that you can play your guitar instead of clicking your mouse. Some people like 3D graphics better, some prefer flat design.

Electrum provides both. No iLok, no dongle nor internet access is required for activation. United Plugins software uses licence files to activate your software. You can freely use the purchased software on all your computers as long as you are the user.

The photorealistic graphic user interface of the plugin gives you the feeling you are touching the real hardware. But it easily adapts to your needs. You can always drag the arrow in the bottom right corner to change its size — make it smaller to save valuable screen space, or enlarge it to make it easier to use.

The plugin provides the maximum audio quality you can get. It uses internal bit audio processing and can handle any sampling rate. It also compensates for latency ensuring that the bypass states are perfectly in sync with each other. This plugin intelligently detects whether it makes sense to perform processing at all.

And if not, it temporarily turns on sleep mode. In such a state, it requires virtually no CPU at all saves the computing sources for other processes. Our classic approach to a true vintage guitar combo amp modelling. The best guitar amp simulator for more rootsy guitarists who demands authenticity with its tremolo and a faithful recreation of analog spring reverb.

Amplifikation Vermilion is a guitar amplifier audio plugins inspired by classic guitar combo amplifiers. It offers gorgeous looks and endless tonal possibilities for the serious guitarist who requires versatility. The engine is carefully tuned to match the tone of authentic classic amps and will truly sing to your playing style. The guitar amp simulator Amplifikation Vermillion packs everything guitarists love: jangly cleans, raw tube saturation, bouncy reverb, and a trippy tremolo circuit.

The lead channel delivers a rich and fluid overdriven tone leaning towards more modern styles of rock and beyond. Add variation to your playing with the built-in tremolo unit, producing anything from a subtle pulse to a spinning rotor, and add dimension to the whole sound with the lush analog-modeled spring reverb. Our brand new amp simulator called Amplifikation Caliburn which we are confident to say that this is our best amp yet.

In the history of music, British made amplifiers has undeniable influence to the evolution of rock music. The loud, chimey clean, and thick crunchy mids of those amps were popularized by big acts such as Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and The Who. It is the sound of rock music that lasts through generationsuntil today. Powered by the 3rd generation of our research and development, Kuassa Amplifikation Caliburn brings the soul of the iconic sound to your desktop.

For further tweaking, Cerberus Bass Amplifikation gives you tonal control through its compressor, contour control, parametric and graphic EQ, and D.

Carefully tuned and carrying enough power to rumble your studio. The best guitar amp simulator for more modern high-gain guitar sound, metal, and alike. Distinguished by its darker, fuller, heavier sound which will be loved by metalheads and modern guitarists. It features a digitally engineered head and matching cabinet with built-in overdrive sections, based on three legendary overdrive pedals, giving you full control of intense, dynamic, harmonically-rich distortion.

Kuassa Amplifikation Creme is a definite must-have addition for fans of the Amplifikation One or Vermilion. With its photo-realistic rendered GUI, Creme retains the workflow and easy-to-understand parameters that are a signature of Kuassa products. Standalone version are also available. Not only for electric guitars, but also for instruments such as harmonicas and synthesizers.

Guitarists who love to fiddle around with effect pedals will surely love these amps. Proudly brought you the heritage of the classic American sound to your desktop, Kuassa present Kuassa Amplifikation Matchlock. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners which are in no way associated or affiliated with Kuassa. The manufacturer names and model designations are used solely to identify the products whose tonal and sound characteristics were studied during development.

Important Note: This is the full version of Amp Room. The following upgrades are also available:. Imagine being in a luxury, professional studio full of vintage gear including legendary compressors and EQs, classic Marshall amps and cabinets, pedals, and mics and being offered anything you need to configure exactly how you want it to produce the very best guitar tones. You can also process other sound sources, such as drums, vocals, and synth tracks.

All the gear you chose from your visit to that luxury studio is configured to your exact specifications and ready to use. Softube has a long history of modelling professional gear.

Amp Room is built on this legacy, and Softube took the same meticulous approach they take whenever they model a legendary compressor or equalizer used by, say, The Beatles — everything needs to be exact, component by component. Nothing less. Amp Room is a living platform and ecosystem, with more compatible expansions and plug-ins added all the time. The Marshall Cabinet Collection is an expansion pack made exclusively for Amp Room that is available to purchase right now, and there are more to come.

Eventually, more and more Softube plug-ins that can be used to create guitar and bass sounds will be available to use in Amp Room. All Softube amplifier plug-ins, such as Marshall Plexi Super Lead and Eden WT, can be loaded in Amp Room with heads and cabinets as separate modules, so if you already own these plug-ins, yes, you can use them with Amp Room.

More new amps, pedals, cabs and plug-ins as modules will be added to the platform over time, making Amp Room an even more versatile and powerful pro audio tool. A modular guitar and bass platform designed with sound quality as top priority, Amp Room is for the connoisseur who can tell the difference between good sounds and great sounds. In fact, Softube very first project was sticking probes into a Marshall JCM guitar amplifier to develop a new method of making digital emulations of analogue audio equipment.


Logic pro x guitar vst free

Skip to content. This means your Ibanez or Fender can be used to replicate a hollow body guitar should the need ever arise. With all of these plugins, you can record or play without having any physical equipment for the guitar. CLA is адрес the king of radio rock producers, and his plugin also brings a lot to buitar table. Shall I go on?


Logic pro x guitar vst free


The free sad guitar loops, samples and sounds listed here have been kindly uploaded by other users. If you use any of these sad guitar loops please leave your comments.

Read the loops section of the help area and our terms and conditions for more information on how you can use the loops. Any questions on using these files contact the user who uploaded them. Please contact us to report any files that you feel may be in breach of copyright or our upload guidelines.

This list only shows free sad guitar loops that have the word sad guitar in the title or description. Use the search box to find more free sad guitar loops and samples.

Please leave a link of what you made! Just click on my Picture and follow the easy steps on my profile. Please let me know what you make! Description : Made using Spitfire Labs, processed through an amp. Description : recorded through Bias FX, going for that simple I crash, you crash kinda sound.

Register Log In. Free Sad Guitar Loops Samples Sounds The free sad guitar loops, samples and sounds listed here have been kindly uploaded by other users. Filter Find Loops. By Member By Keyword. Tags : bpm Indie Loops Choir Loops 6. Description : please send me your work if u made something, love to hear it : indie electric lil peep, lil tracy, juice wrld, iann dior sad guitar shit. Sorgiv 28th May Please send me what you have made out of it! Jax2x 11th May Description : Dont know what to do with this gives me Juicewrld vibes.

CalonScott 5th May RayzCooks 26th Apr Itadachi 22nd Apr CalonScott 21st Apr Itadachi 19th Apr Hashtagx 18th Apr Description : chill sad guitar loop. Itadachi 14th Apr Syngorah 13th Apr Description : Sad guitar melody I made some time ago. Let me hear what you’ve made! CalonScott 12th Apr Itadachi 9th Apr NoriaBeats 8th Apr Itadachi 6th Apr Latest Free Software. Subscribe to our mailing list Be the first to hear about new posts and offers.

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