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Signed………………………………………………… Date…………………………………… Mr. I thank them for the spirit of hard work, courage and determination they had installed in me throughout the school days till today, I honor My sister and brothers, for the happiness appreciation for the guide, protection and support, finally, to Creative Thinkers and Researchers. Nambale Moses, Mr. Chemutai Gilbert and many other lecturers of Livingstone International University.

Fred Wauyo, who was instrumental in bringing this thesis to light. I am thankful also for the tireless generosity to my sponsors, well-wishers and my family for spiritual, moral and even financial support, especially, Dr. Phillip Shero and Laura Shero, my beloved parents Mr.

David Wanjala and Mrs. Your hospitality is very much appreciated. I highly recognize Mr. Roger Fletcher VC for mentoring me and contributing to my total transformation of my entire life.

Finally, Honor and glory to the highest God for having enabled me successfully accomplishes. Background of the Study Problem Statement Project Objective Purpose of Project Integrated Information System Database and Database Management System Data Collection System Analysis Existing Student Record Management Systems Technologies Used Steps Involved in Database Creation How to Access the System Opportunity and Lesson Learned III Project development schedule IV An Interview Guide on IV Introduction Letter The Student Record Management system offer users Registrar with a unified view of data from multiple sources.

The main objective of this project is to build a student database system that will store records of students. It is purposed to reduce time spent on administrative tasks. The system is intended to accept process, generate students reports and grades and transcripts accurately. The system is also intended to provide better services to users, provide meaningful, consistent, and timely data and information and finally promotes efficiency by converting paper processes to electronic form.

The system was developed using basic technologies such as Microsoft access, embedded visual basic, and Graffiti creator. The system is free of errors and very efficient and less time consuming due to the care taken to develop it.

All the phases of software development cycle are employed and it is worthwhile to state that the system is user friendly and strong. Provision is made for future development in the system. System development life cycle: is a conceptual model used in project management that describes the stages involved in an information system development project Database: is basically a collection of information organized in such a way that a computer program can quickly select desired pieces of data.

Data Flow diagram: is a graphical representation of the “flow” of data through an information system, modelling its process aspects. Microsoft Access: is an information management tool that helps you store information for reference, reporting, and analysis.

Background of the Study The scope of the service is CCP which provides structural help to vulnerable children in their cultural setting of the extended family. The school has more than students that take different courses. It is true that success of CCP Vocational Training Institute depends on its ability to acquire accurate and timely data about its operations, to manage this data effectively, and to use it to analyze and guide its internal daily activities. Student Database System deals with all kind of student details by tracking all the details of a student from the day one to the end of his or her course which can be used for all reporting purpose, tracking of attendance, progress in the course, completed semesters years, coming semester year curriculum details, exam details, project or any other assignment details, final exam result; and all these are purposed for future references when interpreting an organization performance.

The problems facing the current manual system are data redundancy, difficult to update and maintain, inconsistent data, insecurity, difficult to impose constraints on various data file and difficult to backup. Therefore, because of these drawbacks that Student Record Management System has been developed to address the problems catalogued above.

Specific Objectives; i. To implement the system ii. To test and validate the system 1. This learning institution provides a lot of services to students which includes; Vocational training to students, Admits new students, keep students records, for every department. The system is able to capture, validate, sort, classify, calculate, summarize, store and retrieve data. Student Database System store semester details, course details, department details and all the details of students including their background information, educational qualifications and personal details etc.

Purpose of Project The proposed system is intended to make life easy. Achieving this objectives is difficult using a manual system as the information is scattered, can be redundant and collecting relevant information can be very time consuming. All these problems are solved using this project. Throughout the project the focus has been on presenting information in an easy and intelligible manner.

The project is very useful for those who want to know about Student Information Management Systems and want to develop software on the same concept. The goal of this chapter is to explain the theory of database management system development which will be applied in the development of student database management system for CCP vocational Institute.

The following issues will be presented respectively. This will give an insight into the project area and help to get information that will enhance the development of the student database management system. Integrated Information System Integrated Information Systems offer users with a unified view of heterogeneous data sources. To provide a single consistent result for every object represented in these data sources, data fusion is concerned with resolving data inconsistencies present in the sources.

Querying the heterogeneous data sources, combining the results, and presenting them to the user is performed by the integration system. When multiple sources are to be integrated into a single and consistent view, at least the following three steps need to be performed: Uncertainty is a conflict between a non-null value and one or more null values that are used to describe the same property of an object. Usually it occurs as a result of missing information. Three interpretations of null values can be distinguished as follows: The other type of conflicts is contradiction.

It is the conflict between two or more different non-null values that are used to describe the same property of an object. An example is the case if two or more data sources provide two or more different values for the same attribute on the same object. One good reason for regarding uncertainty as a special case of conflict is the fact that it is easier to deal with uncertainty than contradiction.

Several forms and reports are used in day to day processing of documents. A database can integrate these several components hence resulting in improved and more efficient operations Greenwald et al. Database and Database Management System A database is an integrated collection of data, usually so large that it has to be stored on secondary storage devices such as disks or tapes.

This data can be maintained as a collection of operating system files, or stored in a DBMS database management system. A Database Management System DBMS is computer software designed for the purpose of managing databases based on a variety of data models. A DBMS is a complex set of software programs that controls the organization, storage, management, and retrieval of data in a database. It is a set of prewritten programs that are used to store, update and retrieve a Database Gerald C.

Okereke, When a DBMS is used, information systems can be changed much more easily as the organization’s information requirements change. New categories of data can be added to the database without disruption to the existing system.

Organizations may use one kind of DBMS for daily transaction processing and then move the detail onto another computer that uses another DBMS better suited for random inquiries and analysis.

According Jantz the emergence of computer based information system has changed the world a great deal, both large and small system have adopted the new methodology by use of personal computer; to fulfill several roles in the production of information therefore computerizing the documentation of student record to enable easier manipulation of the input process and output will bring us to this existing new world of information system.

In addition, student records contain data which the institution can aggregate and analyze to inform future strategy, planning and service provision. A student is an individual who is registered for a pursuing a given course or program. Educational institution is required to conform to fair information practices. Conclusion Finally, since the data generated daily by Christian childcare Programme increase geometrically according to the registrar, it is worthwhile and holistic to develop robust student database management system for the Institution to hold the large amount of data that is generated.

The information gathered whilst reviewing existing literature on student information management system has been very useful in the development of the proposed system. The project when completed will provide an efficient way to store and organize data than spreadsheet. It will also serve as a centralized facility that can simplify the work of the registrar. Introduction This Chapter gives a brief description of the methodology used to develop the proposed system.

The main methodology involves feasibility study, data collection, system analysis and design, developing and implementing Student Database Management System. The data considered necessary to build the system were collected and analyzed.

The methodology is very important to ensure that the new system would give benefits to the proposed learning institution. In this model, the system follows a series of events from the requirement definition, system and software design, implementation and unit testing, integration and system testing and operational maintenance.

There was use of different aspects from other models like prototyping which helped in coming up with system definition and analysis, data flow diagrams DFD and entity relationship diagram ERD. The ERD was used to show the relationship between entities while the Data Flow Diagrams were used to show the flow of data in the system.

Data Collection The required data including department details, course details, student personal details, semester details, exam details etc. The data collection tools and techniques that were used are as follows: 3. A follow up was made to determine the time it took to carry out the student record management.

Interviewing Interview is a powerful tool for data gathering since it allows the interviewer to probe and clarify a number of issues.

Face to face interview was used to interact with the registrar and the Principal of the proposed system to obtain the data required for the database management system.

A relational database design was used to design the database. A relational database management system RDBMS is an excellent tool for organizing large amount of data and defining the relationship between the datasets in a consistent and understandable way. Relationships between the tables were defined by creating special columns keys , which contain the same set of values in each table.

The tables can be joined in different combinations to extract the needed data. A RDBMS also offered flexibility that enabled redesign and regeneration of reports from the database without need to re-enter the data. Microsoft Access was used to create and connect relational tables in the database. This was done in two ways: Implementation and Unit testing was carried out on individual modules of the system to ensure that they are fully functional units.

The integration system testing carried out after different modules had been put together to make a complete system. Integration was aimed at ensuring that modules are compatible and they can be integrated to form a complete working system.

For example we tested to ensure that when a user key in username, password. The system will verifies this information first before the user is authorized to enter the system, if the password or user name is incorrect, the system will reject the user access. A student database system intended to track and store student records as the outcome of the project after a critical analysis, design, building and testing of the system. Evaluation was properly done to ensure that the system meet all the requirements and specifications.

A stringent plan to monitor the implementation of the new system is laid-out and the entire project documented. Finally, the new system is deployed and users will receive some training to understand the new system. The new system would run alongside the old system until the new system is proven to be effective and efficient. System Analysis During the system study phase, requirements of DBMS were categorized into user requirements, system and hardware requirements.

Existing Student Record Management Systems Refer to the literature review, observation, interviews and questionnaires as explained in chapter 3 it should be noted that at CCP the researcher was able to analyze existing systems as discussed below.

The current system was more of manual where data is written on different papers and transferred to the different departments, human errors were vulnerable since it was paper based and retrieval of files was time consuming as they had to manually locate files some of which were even lost and thus finding such information was hard. The users recommended that the proposed system should be user friendly, multipurpose enough to handle a number of task at once, could generate feedback when request is submitted and use of passwords which could deny access to unauthorized users of system which ensured security.

These were grouped as user, functional, non- functional and systems requirements. The users described some of the basic requirements of the system this includes Search for Student records, View all types of reports and grade and print out transcripts.

NET Framework 3. The table above shows software requirements recommended to enable the system to run as required for using DBMS 4. The system generates all Students grade transcripts automatically. The system identifies student attendance and store the record of the days a student was present or absent. Figure 4. The system is implemented using a three-tier architecture that comprises of user interface, process management and DBMS as illustrated below.

Here diagrams always use symbols to represent different types of information. Therefore the following entities were chosen to capture organization information i. Ashley Software.

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