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MS Word MCQ Questions and Answer | Microsoft Word || Computer Basic – Summary – Microsoft Project Certification Guide


By positioning your cursor at the appropriate place and pressing the F1 key b. By changing the font size of your document. How can you increase the font size of selected text by one point every time?

How to use Format Painter multiple times a. Format Painter cannot be use multiple times. What is the default font used in MS Word document? Times New Roman b.

Arial c. Calibri d. Which of the following is not a type of page margin? Left b. Right c. Center d. Both are same. They are only two different ways of capitalize text. It is faster to convert from Change Case than from Font dialog box c. Change Case makes conversion permanent but All Caps on Font can always be reverted d. All Caps on Font dialog box makes the change permanent where Change Case can be always reverted.

Align Right b. Select All c. Change font d. Save document. Which of the following is not on Home ribbon? Columns b. Font color c. Change Style d. Exit Application b. Clear All d. Align Center. When inserting Page number in footer it appeared 1 but you wish to show a. How can you do that? From format menu choose bullets and Numbering and configure necessary setting b. From Insert menu choose Page Number and specify necessary setting c. Click on Page Number Format tool and specify required setting d.

How do you close a word document without closing Word window? Click on the Close button on the title bar b. Click on X minimize button on the title bar c. Click on the Close command on Office menu d. Click Exit on the File menu. What should you do if you require to paste the same format in many places? Click the Format painter and go on pasting in many places holding Alt Key b. Double click the format painter then go on pasting in many places c.

Click the format painter then go on pasting to many places holding Ctrl Key d. Which would you choose to save a document with a new name? Click File, Save c. Click Tools, Options, Save d. Click File, Save As. You cannot close MS Word application by a.

Choosing File menu then Exit sub menu b. Click X button on title bar d. From File menu choose Close sub menu. Chart b. Word Art c. Clip Art d. Which option in File pull-down menu is used to close a file in MS Word? New b. Quit c. Close d. Save Document b. Print Document c. Close Document d. Open Document. Which feature do you use to create a newspaper like document?

Tables c. Columns d. Tab stops. Which of the following is not available in Font Spacing? Normal b. Loosely c. Condensed d. Edit Hyperlink b. Select Hyperlink c. Convert Hyperlink d. Remove Hyperlink. Which enables you to move directly to specific location in a document? Sub documents b. Bookmarks c. Cross-references d. What is the shortcut key you can press to create a copyright symbol? What is the short cut key to open Font dialog box? What is the shortcut key for Spelling Check in document?

What is the shortcut key to Update Formula in a table? How can you access the font size tool on formatting toolbar? World Whole Web. Wide World Web. Web World Wide. World Wide Web. Arithmetic logic unit, Mouse. Arithmetic logic unit, Control unit.

Arithmetic logic unit, Integrated Circuits. Control Unit, Monitor. Vacuum Tubes and Magnetic Drum. Integrated Circuits. Magnetic Tape and Transistors. Below you will find sample questions stylised after those found on a Microsoft Word test. These sample questions have been derived from both the Interactive and Multiple-Choice sections of the test. In order to properly practice the following tasks, copy and paste the text below to a clean Word document left click, hold and drag to mark the text, right click — choose ‘copy’, at the Word document, right click — choose paste.

Want more practice? We offer Microsoft Word-style test preparation in the form of in-depth practice tests, study guides and more. By signing up, you will gain access to our comprehensive Word-style resources designed to stimulate your learning process and boost your chances of success.

Start practising today to land the job you want. The free Microsoft Word-style questions on this page are designed to give you an idea of what to expect when taking the real thing. These questions have been stylised after questions found in both the interactive and multiple-choice sections of these tests to familiarise you with the tasks and functions you can anticipate performing.

Looking for a specific version of the Microsoft Word test? See below for more information regarding the following Word-style preparation materials:. The purpose of the Microsoft Word assessments is to make sure that you know how to perform necessary tasks for the job you have applied for.

Question 1. The portion of the screen with tabs and buttons is call the If you wanted to maximize the document viewing area and only see the menu headings which option would you choose? Show Tabs and Commands. None of the other choices. What does this button allow you to do? Add buttons to the Quick Access toolbar.

Change the ribbon display options. Minimize the document. From the file menu which command would allow you to open an existing document?

Which command from the file menu will allow you to change the name or location of a file?


Microsoft word 2016 quiz questions free


The service is used by a myriad of customers due tonits stability and inherent features which you just know of. Light Azure. Always has been Microsoft Azure. Windows Azure. Microsoft Word And Excel Test. MS word and Excel are the most common office tools which both has their differences and their similarities. Both of them can make printable documents and the kind of documents they make differs alot.

Get on this short quiz and Advanced MS Word Quiz. MS word isn’t something new or strange to computer literates. As simple as we find it, despite all we think we know about it, MS word proves to possess some advanced functions which probably might not have been used or Saved documents. Editting screen. Microsoft Word Online Quiz. Microsoft Word Online seems to be much more limited in features compared to the desktop version of the Microsoft word. It is an office program you can get free compared to the desktop version.

It doesn’t bear the Not Sure. Microsoft Excel Test. Comparing Excel with and , you might still come to notice quite a similarity and a little bit of familiarity.

Nonetheless, working on the excel brings you up to a whole new interface and a smoother mode Cloud drive. Google drive. One drive. Power BI is a service that is currently provided by Microsoft. What it does is a secret that you may answer in the upcoming questions.

Well, that is if your interest is aroused. Power BI services. BI services. Power BI. Microsoft Project Test. This is a software which manages projects of firms, organizations and companies. It was created, developed and sold by Microsoft. It asists project managers develop plans, assigning resources to tasks and projects. A software Intelligent Winforms Windows Forms Test. WinForms Windows Forms is a GUI class library which provides an effective platform to write rich-client applications for PCs desktop, laptop, and tablet.

Take this quiz to find out more. UpperTo and LowerTo. Character Casting. ToUpper and ToLower. A and B. A and C. B and C. Intelligent Microsoft Bi Test.

Microsoft BI, or Microsoft Power BI, is a collection of tools which give you the ability to view the data of your company in distinctive ways. Take this intelligent quiz to assess your knowledge of Microsoft BI. Share Point is a recent version of Microsoft Windows SharePoint service which can provide you a pilot solution to a secure web based collaboration. Try out this quuz and see how much you know.

Microsoft office. Using powerful reporting, you can have a detailed analysis of the test results. You think you know much about this test?

Office Accessibility Training. Office training. LinkedIn Learning. Learn the basics Get going quickly and easily with Microsoft video training. Quick Starts Get up to speed in no time with these popular guides. Collaborate Do your best work together. With Microsoft , you can collaborate with anyone, anywhere. Office for the web training Learn how to stay productive in Office from any browser with these brand new courses.

Cheat sheets Get up to speed fast with these quick references and keyboard shortcuts. Infographics Get inspired with cool new infographics for your favorite Office apps. Dave Brooks. Bill Donahue. Elias Leight. Melinda Newman. Kenan Thompson to Host Emmy Awards. Deep Dive: The Distribution Revolution.

Billboard Staff. Market Watch Total on-demand streams week over week Number of audio and video on-demand streams for the week ending August 4. BY Richard James Burgess. BY Russ Titelman. More From Pro. Chart Beat.


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