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Discard editing data Select this option to save only the edited picture. Preserve fidelity when sharing this document Make sure the look of your document is preserved when you share the document with someone who uses a different version of Word. Hide the Ribbon Menu You can use a quick shortcut to hide the Ribbon. Image size and quality. The more you tell us the more we can help. Block Select this option to wrap text from line to line as you select downward, with all selected lines being the same width. Type and replace Select this option to replace the previously typed character with the newly typed character if the two characters cannot coexist in the same text cluster.

Free Word Tutorial at GCFGlobal – Bonus Tips and Tricks

Use this sidebar to highlight each word and explore their meaning in full. On completion of this unit, the learner will have the knowledge and application skills in using a word processing application at an advanced level. Left взято отсюда bar Select this option to place the vertical scroll bar on the left side of the document window. Whether you’re trying to get through a school essay, work project, or something personal, these tips will help you master Word. The boundaries are for layout purposes; they do not appear in printed documents. Allow background saves Select this option to save your document advanced microsoft word 2016 features free you work. This option is available only if a right-to-left language is enabled for editing text.


Advanced microsoft word 2016 features free –


As with every previous incarnation of this much-loved Office staple, Word brings a few new functions and features to the table that its predecessors lacked. Right-clicking on a feature that appears in the Ribbon gives you the option to add that feature to a custom Quick Access Toolbar that appears below the Ribbon.

Styles can also be modified with a simple right-click, and a number of sub-features can be accessed with yet another right-click. Much of the overview in the Ribbon is very well-organized.

The Tabs available here contain specific features and functions based on their uses. Commands can quickly be added or removed from the Ribbon to suit your preferences by once again right-clicking on the Ribbon and selecting the Customize option. Commands can be selected or deselected, and the drop-down lets you see items based on popularity, function, or even display only features that are not already in the Ribbon.

One of the biggest changes to the Ribbon in Word is the Search function. Instead of searching by keywords, you can now pose Word a question, and be directed to the resources or feature you need to complete an action. Highlighting a word or phrase within a Word document and right-clicking on the highlighted text brings up the option to select Smart Lookup.

A sidebar will appear within your document with suggested resources relevant to your highlighted text for easy research into a subject. This is a fantastic feature for students, but can also be useful in a business setting for things like adding depth or interesting information to a company newsletter.

Clicking on the References Tab displays the Researcher icon in the Ribbon. This feature allows you to quickly find quotes, citable sources, and images. Clicking on the icon brings up a sidebar similar to the one seen with the Smart Lookup feature. Type in your keyword or subject, and choose from both website and book results to fulfill your resources requirements for that specific project.

Additional features make it simple to manage your sources, change your citation style, and create a bibliography for research papers and reports. The Citation feature is especially useful as it is a live feature, which updates automatically and can be changed as you go along. If you submit or share a document digitally, the citations remain embedded in the document to be viewed by others instead of requiring you to add extraneous text. You even have the option to highlight, drag, and drop a chunk of text from an online source found using Researcher into your document, then right-click on the original text.

Researcher will automatically add the needed citation for you. Quick Parts gives you the option not to have to type things over and over again. Chances are that any document you produce will need to have your company information included in it.

Often this can be included in the header or footer, but occasionally having this information there can make your document look cluttered. If this information needs to be part of the main document, you can save yourself that effort and the trouble of remembering the formatting by creating a Quick Part.

Type out and then highlight the text you want to use for your Quick Part. Now, you can click the Quick Parts icon and select that saved text from the Auto Text drop-down whenever you need it. You can go back and edit your saved text at any time by selecting Building Blocks Organizer from the Quick Parts drop-down. Branding is a huge part of who you are as a company and how you appear to your clients and to the public. The Design Tab will let you choose a theme that will set the tone for your overall document.

This sets your font style, font color, font sizes, heading options, and other elements for the entire document. You can customize your color scheme to match your branding once you find a theme you like.

There are also options to change things like paragraph spacing, and options to add watermarks and borders. More targeted changed can be made using the Styles options, found under the Home Tab in the Ribbon. Right-clicking on a Style allows you to fine-tune elements like font size and color.

You can use Styles to set the formatting for Titles, Headings, and Subheadings to clearly define each section of your document. Start by deciding where in the document you want the Table of Contents to appear. Then, click the References Tab and select the Table of Contents icon. The drop-down will give you several automatic options and a manual option to choose from, as well as an option to download other automatic templates from Office.

Choosing an automatic option will save you a lot of time, especially if you already have Titles, Headings, and Subheadings in place within the document. Select your Table of Contents of choice from the drop-down, and it will auto-populate and auto-format the table in your document using the Titles, Headings, and Subheadings. If you make changes to your document after the Table of Contents has been created, simply clicking Update Table under the References Tab will automatically update the Table to reflect those changes.

This includes any changes to the page numbers. When you add an image or shape over existing text, you can click on the Format Tab under the Drawing Tools heading to layer the object behind the text by selecting Send Behind Text. There are several layering options that will let you stack objects as needed. The Theme Styles option will then let you adjust colors in order to make the element stand out, or make it easier to layer another element behind it. To replicate the same element with different text, create the shape and select Send Behind Text.

Then, select the first element and click on Format Painter under the Home Tab. Click on the new element you want to format, and the changes you made to the original element will automatically replicate themselves on the new element. Find and Replace is not a new feature, but in recent years it has gotten more useful. Not only can you use Find and Replace to swap out text, but you can also use it to change formatting as well.

Start by placing your cursor in the Search field. By clicking the Format button at the bottom of the Find and Replace window, you can search for any text that matches a specific format like text in italics , Style, size, or even color. Move your cursor to the Replace field and click the Format button again to select any specific formatting changes you want to be made to the text in the Search field.

Word helps you to avoid mixing words up in two ways. If there is a certain word or two you find yourself constantly misspelling in the same way, you can choose to add that particular misspelling to AutoCorrect to have Word fix the mistake for you without you having to use the Spell Check functions. OneDrive appears as an option in the sidebar of the Save window.

Files saved to OneDrive can be shared instantly with everyone in your organization, and well as anyone else you choose to share the link with, such as a client or associate. Say for example you want a single section to appear as columns of text. Place your cursor at the beginning of the section. From the Section Breaks options in the drop-down, choose New Page. Place your cursor at the end of the section, then select Continuous from the Breaks drop-down.

Now, nothing before or after that specific section will be impacted by changes made to that section. Highlight the text you want to alter, then select Columns from the Breaks drop-down to format your section.

The Sections options are an easy way to break up your document into more visually interesting sections without having to spend a lot of time messing around with layouts and formatting or fighting to keep some elements the same while changing other elements around them.

Creating a line for a signature or other information that needs to be filled in on a document is easy enough when the document will be printed out but challenging when your form will be sent out digitally.

A series of underscores creates a perfect line for a printed document, but trying to type on that line simply makes the underscores shift over to accommodate your text. Type three dashes then hit Enter. This creates a solid line that can be typed on without disrupting the line itself. Select the Step-By-Step Mail Merge Wizard option from the drop-down, and Word will show you how to make full use of this feature in whatever way you need to.

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Advanced microsoft word 2016 features free.Word Options (Advanced)


Everyone knows Clippy. But are you friends with Pilcrow? If you are, then you know more about Microsoft Word than most people do.

Do you know about widow lines? Brother control windows 10 extended clipboard? There are plenty of lesser-known Microsoft Word features that you should know about if you want to be truly proficient with the software. Here are some advanced Microsoft Word features that can make your work and life easier. Writers want peace. Since MS Word is packed full of features, it can feel a bit cluttered when you just want a distraction-free view of the text.

You can use a quick shortcut to hide the Ribbon. You can also change micrpsoft behavior of the Ribbon to hide automatically when you don’t need it. To do this, click micrsooft Ribbon Display Options icon next to the minimize icon and select Auto-hide Ribbon. Distraction-free reading is a more specialized feature available in Word onwards.

Advanced microsoft word 2016 features free primarily designed for touch-enabled tablets, the Read Mode works well on an everyday laptop fewtures well. You can double-tap with your finger or double-click with your mouse to zoom in and make graphics like tables, charts and images fill the screen. Outlining your main ideas and completing that first draft quickly is the surefire tip advanced microsoft word 2016 features free writing productivity.

Outline View helps you fine-tune the organization of этом pixelmator open psd files free что documents by reordering text blocks and nine levels of headings. Outline View brings up a special ftee called Outliningwith controls for promoting or demoting selected text. Use the controls to hide or display selected text. Double-click anywhere and begin typing.

You don’t need to bother with positioning a cursor if you don’t want to. This is the closest MS Word comes to freestyle writing. Click and Type has existed since Word The ffee works only in the Print Layout view or in Web Advanced microsoft word 2016 features free view.

Though this is very useful for inserting text and graphics, you can also use it for impromptu brainstorming as a free-form mindmapping tool. Take your pick: a neatly formatted table with lots of data or a nicely designed chart visualizing that data for you?

Being visual creatures, it is fetaures a no-brainer to opt адрес страницы the latter. Word makes it easy mucrosoft convert tabular information into a chart. When you don’t have too much of tabular data, create a chart in Word instead of over-killing with Excel. Select the table with the data and follow three steps:. You advanced microsoft word 2016 features free also use Microsoft Word to create stunning flowcharts with the shapes feature. It’s not only Excel formulas fextures are amazing.

In the latest versions of Word, it is simply known as Equation. Use the Micfosoft Toolbar to design your own advanced equations for mathematics, physics, or chemistry. Word gives you many well-known /46047.txt to insert with just a click. The Office clipboard can hold 24 items and its interoperable between all Office files. In the Home tab, click the little drop-down arrow next to Clipboard to reveal the panel on the left.

This holding capacity enables you to cut and copy multiple elements and move them anywhere within the document or between open Office programs. Use the clipboard’s Options узнать больше здесь control its functions. For instance, you can disable the Show Status Near Taskbar When Copying advanced microsoft word 2016 features free displays microxoft number of items you’ve copied in the bottom-right corner of the Word window.

It’s enabled by default. Microsoft Office uses Microsoft Translator to handle all translations. Use the Translate feature from the Review fere. Translate a word or a sentence. Or, translate the entire document and display it in a separate Word document.

The Translator tab appears on the right and you advanced microsoft word 2016 features free choose and change languages. Use this sidebar to highlight each word and explore their meaning in full. Kerning adjusts the space between two смотрите подробнее letters for a better visual look. When designing a document, each typeface requires its own specific kerning. Kerning becomes important when you are designing with large micrksoft on Word, like on an ebook cover.

Word has kerning switched off by default, and normally you don’t need to bother with it. But let’s fred you need to submit a five-page homework.

Save effort by increasing advanced microsoft word 2016 features free width between festures letters instead of frwe fluff! Click the little pop-out arrow on Font on the Home tab.

Go to the Advanced tab. Select the checkbox for Kerning for fonts. Experiment by entering a small point size in the box. Remember, some typefaces and font sizes don’t look good with kerning. Today, an important MS Word feature is collaboration, but you have to pay attention to security too.

The Document Inspector in Word helps you check your читать полностью for any information you want to keep private. Whenever you create or even edit a document, some user information gets added advanceed the file automatically. The Document Inspector helps you erase this kind of information before sharing a document. You can inspect hidden content by selecting the checkboxes.

After the inspection, wrod categories with sensitive fetures gets an exclamation mark. The Remove All button for /63567.txt category removes the data and finalizes the document. Hidden Text is a non-printing character attribute that has its usefulness. Hiding text can be useful in many situations:. On the flip side, we’ve shown how to add a watermark in Word for text that people can’t remove.

Non-printing characters are formatting marks, which enables you to microsofy and fine-tune the layout of a document. For instance, advanced microsoft word 2016 features free words need to be single-spaced; your paragraphs have to be microsofg with correct line breaks; all tabs should be lined up; table cells have to be formatted neatly, and so on.

Advanced microsoft word 2016 features free, tab-markers, spaces, line breaks, page breaks, object anchors, and hidden text are just some of the non-printing elements that are handy for controlling the layout of a Word document. You can remove page breaks when needed, or display the non-printing characters by clicking the Pilcrow button on the Micdosoft tab.

Use these advanced Microsoft Word tips and you’ll speed up your workflow in no time. Whether you’re trying to get through a school essay, work project, or something personal, these tips will help you master Word. There’s plenty more you can do advanced microsoft word 2016 features free Word beyond these tips. For example, did you know you can create a fancy-looking cover page?

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